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Winter was hard on your vehicle: Is it ready for Spring?

Get Your Car Ready For Spring

Winter is hard on your vehicle. How many times

get the car ready for spring!

get the car ready for spring!

did your car or truck barely turn over in the blistering cold? Even newer vehicles will need to be readied for the spring and summer months ahead.

What are you supposed to do?

We’ll discuss what we do when you come in for a Boulder car service.


The cold has a way of draining your battery. Oftentimes, dirt and debris will find their way onto your terminal cables. This will be examined as well as charge levels if your vehicle keeps dying.

Belts and Hoses

Hoses will contract and expand with different heat levels. It’s important to get both your hoses and belts examined. This will allow you to make any necessary repairs if the cold weather has weakened either of these.

Air Conditioning

With the warm months ahead, you’ll want an air conditioner that works properly. We can check AC levels to ensure that when you turn on the AC, cold air is flowing out and not warm air.

Basic Maintenance

When getting your car inspected, it’s a good idea to get some basic maintenance out of the way. This includes:

  • Tire rotations or changes
  • Fluid changes
  • Lubricating joints
  • Change any filters
  • Belt inspection and replacement
  • Tune-ups

These are basic items that often go overlooked. Another key thing to examine is your windshield wiper blades. Depending on where you live, salts may have been used on the ground and ended up on your windshield. These salts quickly erode windshield wipers, so they may need replacement.

Fluid Levels and Changes

Engine coolant is vital for your vehicle’s operation. With the warmer weather, your vehicle may overheat faster, causing severe damage if not caught fast enough. You’ll want to have any necessary fluids changed, such as your oil, as well as:

  • Checking all fluid levels
  • Replacing engine coolant

Fill Your Tires

Between seasons, tires often deflate slightly. This will cause you to have less control over your vehicle and reduced traction. Also, you may notice a dip in gas mileage at this point. Instead, check your tire levels and fill them up accordingly.

A good exterior wash is also recommended to remove any of the harsh salts used to prepare the roads for snow and ice.

When in doubt, give your favorite Boulder car service a call, and tell us that you want to ensure your vehicle is ready for spring.