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Tires, Rotation, Balancing, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Bearings

Tires, Rotation, Balancing, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Bearings

The transmission in your vehicle transfers power from your engine to the driven wheels. Every

component involved in setting your car into motion, including your vehicle’s tires, must be in optimum

condition to ensure you experience a smooth, reliable ride and benefit from good gas mileage.

Unfortunately, many vehicle owners assume the worst that can happen with tires is a flat. However,

there are other avoidable consequences of not maintaining your tires and wheels, such as shortened tire

life, loss of traction in braking and reduced gas mileage. To have your tires and wheels inspected, The

Auto Repair Place in Boulder is ready to service your vehicle today!

Signs Your Vehicle’s Tires Need to be Checked

If your vehicle’s tires are compromised due to worn tread, unevenly worn tires, imbalanced tires,

improper wheel alignment, improper air inflation or a bad wheel bearing, you may notice one or more

of the following signs:

 Visible steel belts or cords (commonly referred to as metal tire threads)

 Bald or flat spots in tire tread

 Worn tire tread beyond 2/32 of an inch (you can assess tire tread depth by performing the

“penny test”: place a penny in the tread grooves with Lincoln’s head pointing downwards and, if

you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you need new tires)

 Slow air leaks that are evidenced by having to periodically add air

 Embedded debris or objects in the tire tread

 Loss of traction in braking

 Reduced gas mileage

 Pulling of the steering wheel to one side

 Shaking or vibrating in the steering wheel when depressing the brake

 Grinding or grating noise upon acceleration

The Auto Repair Places’ Tire and Wheel Services

When you are considering preventative maintenance services for your vehicle, your tires and wheels are

no exception, which is why The Auto Repair Place offers full tire and wheel services, including:

 Tire inspection including proper air inflation checks

 New tire sales and installation

 Tire rotation

 Tire balancing

 Wheel alignment

 Wheel bearing repair and replacement

Contact the Auto Repair Place Today

Depending on whether your vehicle is engaged in towing or frequent road trips, your tires may need to

be inspected and rotated every 3,000 miles. For more typical driving usage, The Auto Repair Place

recommends having your vehicle’s tires inspected every 6,000 miles to allow for early identification of

uneven wear patterns that may lead to a dangerous blow-out. To have the integrity and condition of

your tires and wheels checked by our experts, schedule an appointment with The Auto Repair Place

today by calling 303-443-7088!