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Tire Rotation and Alignment

Vehicle owners tend to invest in new tires and an alignment without returning for a follow-up preventive maintenance appointment for tire rotation and a wheel alignment to extend the life of the tires. At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, we strongly recommend tires being rotated every 6 months or every 3,000 to 6,000 miles depending on the usage of the vehicle. This will allow you to get the most of your money, prolong the life of the tires, and ensure a smooth ride and good gas mileage.

Tires will show increased wear and tear and require sooner than expected replacement for two reasons: failure to rotate tires and improper alignment. Tire rotation is the process of moving tires, which can be from one side of the vehicle to the other, switching the front and back tires or rearranging all 4 tires. Due to varied driving styles and the heavier weight on the front of the car, tires will naturally wear unevenly. If the tires are not rotated to allow for a more balanced wear across all four tires, replacement of two or all of the tires will be necessary far in advance of the manufacturer’s stated tire life. Another culprit of excessive tire degradation is improper alignment. A vehicle’s wheels must be perfectly aligned for the vehicle to drive straight or as the steering wheel directs. If the wheels are not aligned, the steering will pull to one side causing the tires to wear unevenly.

At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, our ASE certified technicians will perform a tire rotation and recommend a wheel alignment check at your vehicle’s preventative maintenance appointment. We will also advise that your tires be balanced at every other tire rotation appointment as tires can slowly become imbalanced over time causing uneven tire tread wear.

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If you have noticed the tread on certain tires is lower compared to the others or your steering wheel is pulling to one side, then your tires must be rotated and your wheels aligned before you are faced with tire replacement or a blow-out that leaves you stranded. Additionally, if your steering wheel is vibrating or shaking, it’s time to schedule an appointment with tire experts of The Auto Repair Place in Boulder. Since 1972, we have been servicing the automotive needs of Boulder’s residents, so you can safely trust in the quality of our work. Contact our knowledgeable staff today by calling 303-443-7088 and join our list of satisfied clients!