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Suspension Service

Regular everyday driving puts wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension system. If you live in an area where there are a lot of speed bumps, potholes or rough driving situations, you will notice that your vehicle simply does not absorb the impact as well as it once did.

Many vehicles will dip to one side or the other, or you simply feel every bump when driving a vehicle.

This may result in your shocks and struts being damaged and needing to be repaired. Whether you have a shock-absorbing system or a strut-based system, we can properly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is also closely tied to the:

A proper diagnosis of your vehicle will be needed to determine if your vehicle’s issue is related to your suspension or steering system.

suspension and shock repair

Suspension System Warning Signs

The suspension system does exhibit warning signs when the shocks or struts are worn and damaged. The following warning signs will be present:

There are also visual signs that your shocks and struts have suffered damage. These signs are:

The suspension system will need to be properly examined by a professional to determine the cost and proper repairs needed. It is recommended that you see a mechanic if any of the above are experienced, and if fluid is leaking from under vehicle, head to your local mechanic immediately.

If your vehicle is experiencing any the symptoms above, give us a call today at (303) 443-7088 to have one of our AES technicians diagnose your vehicle.