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Safety Inspections

As a vehicle ages so does its parts. When safety components in your vehicle are degraded or damaged, the safety of you and your passengers is compromised. Additionally, as safety guidelines are revisited and the functionality of vehicles are tested by daily driving, there may be safety recalls issued to protect vehicle occupants from unsafe conditions resulting from a part or system that requires repair or replacement. At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, CO, our team of technicians is trained to perform safety inspections to ensure our clients’ vehicles are safe to drive.

Car safety inspection Boulder

Common Safety Concerns

When The Auto Repair Place conducts a safety inspection, our certified technicians are looking at your car or truck’s body and tires, while also inspecting under the hood. Safety hazards can lurk in places that may be overlooked or unknown to the vehicle owner. Here are some of the components that are a source of common safety concerns:

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