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RV Generators

Whether you have reserved an RV camp spot 30 minutes from Boulder or leaving colorful Colorado for a tropical vacation down south, your RV must be equipped with an RV generator that is maintained and running optimally to ensure your needs and creature comforts are met each time you embark on an RV adventure. The Auto Repair Place in Boulder regularly services RV generators for our clients and has the extensive experience required to inspect, maintain and repair your RV generator, when necessary. Additionally, if you are in the market to replace your RV generator, The Auto Repair is the place to go for all of your RV needs.


The Auto Repair Place’s Comprehensive RV Generator Services

Here is a list of services performed by automotive experts that are crucial to keeping your generator running smoothly or determining if it’s time for a new generator:

Top 3 Tips to Care for Your RV Generator

At The Auto Repair Place, we care about your automotive investments, which is why we inform our clients of these 3 tips in caring for their RV generators. First, stay on schedule with its maintenance servicing to avoid costly repairs. Second, allow the generator to run for 1-2 hours at least once to twice per month to burn off the stagnant gasoline and lubricate the moving parts with oil. If these fluids are left to sit, it can lead to reduced oil viscosity and degradation, as well as the dangerous buildup of the dreaded sludge that can wreak havoc on your RV generator. Third, it doesn’t hurt to clean your generator periodically to promote efficient cooling. Remember, occasionally turning on the motor or keeping it free of debris will not prolong the life of your generator without maintenance tasks being performed by the certified technicians of The Auto Repair Place.

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Since 1972, The Auto Repair Place has been delivering top quality automotive maintenance and repair service to the residents of Boulder, CO, and the surrounding areas. If you are planning a road trip, there’s no better time than now to schedule a diagnostic appointment with The Auto Repair Place team. Don’t get stuck in your RV without power – call our friendly customer service representatives today at 303-443-7088 and have your RV generator serviced by the experts!