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Changing Your Oil is Important and Here’s Why

are you in need of an Oil change?  Oil changes are one of the quickest and simplest fixes in auto service. Regular oil changes can save you money at several different levels.

What does oil do and why is it so important to change it regularly?

Our engines are the product of tiny, controlled explosions. There are thousands of them that happen every second as we drive our vehicles. Because engines can get so hot, oil helps take heat away from the combustion chamber.

There are also a lot of moving parts in an engine. The oil lubricates these areas to reduce friction. It also prevents carbon build up in the engine. Regular oil changes can save you money in the long run and extend the life of your engine.

Most people are unsure of why is it so important to change their oil and in turn neglect regular oil changes.

Oil helps cool the engine down while heat breaks down the oil. Old oil doesn’t absorb heat as efficiently as brand new oil.

Because the oil lubricates the engine to reduce friction, without oil, these moving parts will rub against each other causing permanent damage.

In summary, if you drive around with dirty oil and neglect getting it changed a lot of things can start going wrong. It won’t draw heat away from the engine as easily. Dirty oil will also cause unnecessary build up. If the oil is old and starting to build up the parts won’t be as lubricated. This will lead to breakdowns. Your vehicle will also run more sluggishly which will cost you more money in fuel.

Why is synthetic oil important?

Both synthetic oil and conventional oil come from petroleum products. There are some key differences that usually make synthetic oil the better choice for your vehicle.

Synthetic oil is refined and distilled. It’s also purified and broken down into basic molecules. This process removes impurities which fit the demands of modern engines. Synthetic oil also protects your engine much better than conventional oils. Below are some other benefits of synthetic oil.

Protection against wear

Engine parts are constantly rubbing up against each other at extreme speeds. Because of the hot, extreme and volatile environment of your engine, things will break down unless you keep up with regular oil changes. Synthetic oil is a much better protector of engines than conventional oil. It acts as a barrier and protects more effectively while conventional oil breaks down much quicker.

Cleaner Engine

As oil protects and flows through your car there will eventually be build up. As time goes on, conventional oils will form into sludge. This sludge drastically reduces your engine’s efficiency. Because your engine has to work harder it also drastically reduces its life expectancy. Synthetic oil can reduce sludge buildup and better protect components in your engine

Better in Extreme Temperatures

When your car sits overnight, the oil settles. As you turn it on, the oil flows to critical engine parts to protect against friction. This process takes much longer with conventional oil. When it’s cold this process takes even longer creating more work for your engine and more wear on internal parts.

How often should you change your oil?

The standard every 3,000-5,000 miles may not apply anymore. Every vehicle is different than the next. Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations at a minimum! Always consider your driving habits as well. Excessive conditions like stop and go city driving, mountain driving, towing, carrying heavy loads, etcetera are all factors in oil change intervals. Time is the other factor. Even if you only drive 1000 miles a year, corrosive activity from chemical changes due to combustion and other oil degrading concerns occur in your vehicle’s engine. Therefore, it may be necessary to change your engine oil and filter based on time (Perhaps every six months) rather than based on mileage! Discuss this with your professional service provider to ensure years of worry-free driving. If you think your vehicle needs a checkup give us a call! We offer a complimentary visual inspection  along with affordable oil changes for all of Boulder County!