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Oil Change

Why Regular Oil Changes are Important

One of the top reasons a motorist schedules an appointment with auto repair center is for an oil change and for a very good reason. The fluid and the filter must be inspected to ensure both are within range to promote peak engine performance. Without a sufficient amount of oil, the components of your vehicle’s engine, such as the cylinder walls and pistons, camshafts, valves and connecting rod and crankshaft bearings, will be exposed to accelerated wear and tear caused by the friction of metal rubbing on metal.

The recommended oil for your type of vehicle provides a thick surface upon which allows the moving parts to glide past one another. If the barrier created by the oil is broken or the oil has lost its viscosity, your vehicle’s engine will continue to function under this extreme state of friction and pressure until certain vital parts require replacement or the engine itself fails.

Additionally, your vehicle’s oil filter must be replaced on a set schedule as the filter removes tiny particles, which the oil collects as it runs through the engine. These particles originate from inside and outside of the engine and vary in size. If the oil filter becomes clogged or deteriorates, the particles remain in the oil and can scrape and damage fundamental components.

At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, our ASE certified technicians take the guesswork out of oil changes and provide an alternative option to the weekend home mechanic struggling with the drain plug and wiping up spilled oil. During your oil change appointment, our technicians can perform a multitude of maintenance services and conduct inspections to ensure your vehicle is running in top shape, such as checking the fluids, belts, lights and tire tread and pressure.

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What are The Benefits of a Regular Oil Change?

An oil change is one of the easiest things you can do to extend the life of your engine. You can extend the life of your engine with regular oil changes. While it is easy to get done, it’s also integral. If your car, truck, SUV or RV runs on dirty oil it will increase the chances of a breakdown. It also throws everything off and lowers fuel economy. What are the other benefits of a regular oil change?

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The modern automotive center of The Auto Repair Place and its skilled technicians are equipped to perform all preventive maintenance and major repair work for your late model or new vehicle. Invest in the convenience and peace of mind when you hire an expert to change your vehicle’s oil. Maintenance services are affordable and completed in a timely manner when you bring your vehicle to us, so schedule your next appointment with The Auto Repair Place in Boulder by calling our helpful staff at 303-443-7088. Trust your vehicle to the automotive experts and leave the messy jobs to us! We offer service in Boulder County including the following areas: