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Noise Inspections

Diagnosing an unusual noise is one of the most common reasons for unexpected, last-minute service appointments. At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, CO, our team of certified technicians hasn’t met a sound it can’t trace back to a specific part or malfunction. If you are wondering why your car, truck or RV is making a new noise, it helps to understand the common causes of noises you might encounter as you are operating your vehicle.

Common Causes for Unusual Vehicle Noises

The seasoned automotive specialists of The Auto Repair Place are familiar with the noises a vehicle makes when it is in proper working order and the atypical sounds it makes when it’s in need of repair or maintenance services.

Here are the most common noises and possible causes that might to blame for the unexpected chirping, knocking, or clicking you might hear:

noise inspection boulder

The Auto Repair Place’s Expert Noise Inspection
While accurately pinpointing the reason behind a noise has a lot to do with old fashioned experience in the automotive field, The Auto Repair Place trains each of its technicians to conduct a comprehensive noise inspection to thoroughly check a vehicle and ensure nothing is overlooked.

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