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Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

Driving in Colorado means having to be prepared for adverse weather events and steep mountain roads when traveling the high country. A four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle makes life easier when the snow begins to fall or a mountain excursion is on the agenda. The 4WD systems in vehicles can vary and are referred to by how it operates and/or how the manufacturer has coined it, such as part-time 4WD, full-time 4WD, Active 4WD or Quadra-Trac. For instance, a part-time 4WD system operates as a 2WD system and requires the driver to manually put the vehicle into a 4WD low mode, while a full-time 4WD system operates continuously in a 4WD state and can be locked into a low gearing mode. Just as with 2WD or AWD vehicles, a 4WD vehicle must be maintained and regularly serviced to ensure it responds as expected. A properly functioning 4WD system can withstand the pressures of strenuous operation, such as with towing and off-road driving. Whereas, a 4WD system that is malfunctioning may result in the failure of tire traction, illumination of the 4WD warning light or the vehicle getting stuck in 4WD mode.


At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, our ASE certified technicians perform comprehensive diagnostic checks, preventative maintenance services and minor to major repairs for every type of 4WD vehicle, including:

 Thorough inspection of 4WD system for leaks, loose connections and current condition of parts

 Fluid checks and refills

 Component performance checks

 Differential repair and replacement

 Transfer case repair and replacement

 Shifter fork repair and replacement

 Suspension system repair and springs replacement

 Solenoid and valve assembly repair and replacement

 Sensor replacement

 Diagnosis of computer malfunctioning

 Computer software updates

 4WD transmission repair, replacement and rebuild services

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Whether you own a late model part-time 4WD vehicle or a modern vehicle with a complex 4WD system, The Auto Repair Place in Boulder employs experienced technicians and utilizes the latest in advanced automotive equipment to effectively and efficiently service your vehicle. With our commitment to superior automotive service, you can be certain that The Auto Repair Place in Boulder will ensure your 4WD vehicle smoothly transverses snowy and muddy conditions and successfully tows heavy loads. To prepare your 4WD vehicle for mountain driving or seasonal changes, schedule an appointment with The Auto Repair Place today by calling 303-443-7088 and give us the opportunity to show you why we have been in business in Boulder for over 40 years!