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Emission Systems

Pollution is a looming concern across the country and in the State of Colorado, which is why state laws mandate that cars be periodically tested for the amount of noxious gasses being emitted and whether the emissions are within acceptable ranges. Emission systems work with complex computer systems in vehicles to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen, a contributor to global warming and reduction of the ozone layer in our atmosphere, (NOx) released into the air. However, a malfunctioning component, such as the catalytic converter in the exhaust system, can allow these harmful gasses to escape. Today’s emissions testing centers will interface with the computerized emission control systems of your vehicle to see if there are fault codes indicating an issue, or failure with the emission control systems prior to continuing the test. Usually, the “Check Engine” light would be illuminated indicating a failure of the vehicle emission control systems resulting in tailpipe emissions exceeding one and one-half times the Federal Standards for that vehicle. If your vehicle fails to pass its emissions inspection, you may need to perform emission related repairs to bring the vehicle into compliance, and present documentation detailing what was repaired prior to retesting in order to register your vehicle for use on our roadways.

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There are many components that must be inspected and subjected to regular maintenance services in order to ensure your car’s engine is running efficiently without polluting the environment beyond what is acceptable by law. At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, we provide comprehensive diagnostics, maintenance and repair services, which include the following parts and services that support the emission and exhaust systems:

Contact The Auto Repair Place Today If your vehicle has failed its emissions test or you recently purchased a used vehicle that you aren’t certain will pass emissions, schedule a diagnostic appointment at a time that is convenient for you by calling 303-443-7088. Our ASE certified technicians will. if necessary,  pinpoint any components that are in need of repair or replacement so you clearly understand what needs to be addressed to ensure your vehicle can pass emissions testing. Serving Boulder residents since 1972, The Auto Repair Place will always provide you with honest inspections and affordable prices to ensure your complete satisfaction.