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Drivetrain Service and Repair

If you are experiencing a clunking, clicking or cracking noise, vibration during acceleration, or turning or steering issues with your car, it may have something to do with your drive axles. Let The Auto Repair Place provide you with the best drivetrain service and repair in the Boulder area.

What are Drive Axles?

Your drive axle, or CV (constant velocity) axle, is split between two half-axles with differential, universal joints between them. Each half axle is connected to the wheel by the CV joint. The CV joint allows your car’s wheels to turn freely, and allows the axle shaft to rotate and evenly transfer power from the connected differential and/or transaxle, to the wheels at a constant speed without increasing friction and heat to a dangerous level.

CV joints are comprised of several intricate parts, but the two most important parts- which are also the two most likely to need service– are the roller bearings, which give the CV joint its flexibility, and the CV boot, which protects the bearings.


Front-wheel drive vehicles have two drive axles in the front, rear-wheel drive vehicles with independent rear suspension have two drive axles in the rear, and 4-wheel drive vehicles have four drive axles connected to the drive wheels. Drive axles are always connected to a transaxle and/or a differential, which gives power to the drive wheels. Because the drive axles and CV joints ensure the continual transfer of power to the drive wheels, it is essential that they are properly maintained and functioning at all times. A corroded or malfunctioning CV joint will result in lost power transfer and CV axle failure.

Drivetrain Repair Services

At The Auto Repair Place, we are committed to providing excellent customer care and experienced repair and maintenance that is done right the first time. Our ASE certified technicians specialize in drive axle, CV joint and CV boot maintenance, repair and replacement, all backed by our nationwide 24-month/24,000 guarantee. We will diagnose and fix your vehicle’s drivetrain issues and get you back on the road in no time. For Boulder’s best auto repair with a personal touch, call The Auto Repair Place today at 303-443-7088, or click here to send us a message online, to schedule an appointment for your car, truck or RV.