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Cooling Systems

A vehicle’s engine creates power by internal combustion, which releases heat as it burns fuel. The intense heat must be dispersed or it can permanently destroy the expensive engines and components. To keep the engine at an ideal constant temperature, the coolant is circulated by the cooling system in a liquid-cooled vehicle. The fluid runs through the engine and absorbs the heat, which cools down the engine. The vehicle’s radiator then dissipates the heat from the coolant into the outside air, so the cooled coolant can travel back through the engine to continue the cooling cycle. Additionally, the coolant in the cooling system circulates through the heater core of the heater to maintain the desired temperature inside of the vehicle. It is very important to use only the specified engine coolant designed for your vehicle! The fluid and components of the cooling system degrade over time and use, just like engine oil and other vital fluids and components. This can decrease the efficiency of the system and cause malfunctions. Among those,  corrosion and decay of major components, and overheating or freezing events. It is usually recommended to replace/exchange engine coolant every two or three years to avoid such problems and maintain a healthy cooling system.

If your vehicle’s cooling system is malfunctioning, you may notice several signs, such as dashboard coolant light on, high or low-temperature gauge reading, decreased gas mileage, failure of car’s heater, fluid leaks, repeated depletion of coolant, sweet odor, fogging of the inside of the windshield, steam from under the hood, freezing, or engine overheating.

The Auto Repair Place’s Complete Cooling System Service

In line with The Auto Repair Place’s commitment to provide every client with comprehensive maintenance and repair services performed by ASE certified technicians, our complete cooling system service includes thorough inspections,  testing and any necessary fluid adjustments, such as:

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To ensure you are driving a reliable vehicle that is operating at peak performance, the cooling system must be free of malfunctions and receive regular preventative maintenance services. If you suspect that your vehicle’s cooling system is in need of servicing, The Auto Repair Place in Boulder is prepared to deliver top quality services at competitive prices to diagnose and repair your cooling system in a timely manner. Schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for by calling 303-443-7088 and speaking with a friendly, informative member of our team!