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Check Engine Light

When your Check Engine Light comes on, it’s time to call an auto mechanic

The check engine light is oftentimes incorrectly referred to as a “dummy light.” It is a warning that your car is not performing optimally and needs attention sooner rather than later. The term “dummy light” makes it sound like it’s not useful but it is! Sometimes it means immediate attention needed while other times it’s not so serious. Whenever the check engine light comes on, it’s better to get it checked out right away. What starts as something minor can quickly become major costing you thousands in the process. We deal with a lot of customers with engine or transmission issues who ignored their check engine light until it was too late.

Part of the reason the check engine light is ignored is because it’s usually a minor issue. It’s also designed to alert you of issues before it becomes serious. Your check engine light can be as simple as fixing a loose gas cap or replacing a faulty sensor. However, it might be illuminated due to something more complex such as an internal engine, transmission, or exhaust system problem. Therefore, it’s a better idea to pay attention to that check engine light than risk major damage and a costly repair bill.

Check your engine before it’s too late!

The check engine light was created to signal to the vehicle operator when a malfunction has occurred. This results in excessive exhaust emissions that are harmful to our health and the environment. After an issue is detected, the onboard diagnostics system creates a code within the vehicle’s computer that can be retrieved by an automotive technician. After a particular code is found, the technician will perform visual and mechanical inspections to identify the appropriate maintenance or repair service

The Auto Repair Place only employs ASE certified technicians. Our technicians are extensively trained and experienced at diagnosing issues brought about by the check engine light. Additionally, our highly skilled technicians use their professional insight, experience, and knowledge to locate any contributory or adjacent issues to the source of the malfunction. This ensures that we will not only fix your vehicle but also prevent further issues. 

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If your vehicle’s check engine light is on, ignoring it will only exacerbate the computer malfunction potentially causing more costly repairs. Since 1972, the Auto Repair Place in Boulder has delivered comprehensive preventative maintenance, diagnostic and repair services completed by a top-notch automotive team. We guarantee every vehicle is properly repaired the first time it’s brought into our facility. Schedule your appointment today by calling 303-443-7088 and join our list of satisfied clients!