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Brake Service Boulder

Are You in Need of a Brake Service in Boulder?

In order to accurately pinpoint the cause of inconsistent brake performance, a technician must have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and be expertly trained to perform any type of brake service. Here at The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, we routinely update our equipment to incorporate the latest advancements in automotive technology so that our ASE certified technicians can efficiently and accurately address any brake issues on a wide array of cars, trucks and RV’s with disc brakes, drum brakes, air brakes, hydraulic systems and all the components related to the braking of your vehicle. Finding a great mechanic who can provide quality break service in Boulder is crucial to handle the extreme weather patterns we’ve all grown accustomed to dealing with.

Brake Components That Require Servicing

The skilled technicians of The Auto Repair Place in Boulder have extensive experience in servicing any type of braking system that is utilized by your vehicle. In a simple explanation as to how certain braking systems function, the master cylinder for the braking system pushes brake fluid through the brake lines which provides the appropriate amount of pressure to cause the piston within the caliper to squeeze the brake pad that then presses on the rotor which in turn stops the tire from spinning. Each one the components involved in this process must be serviced to ensure your braking system is fully optimized to provide maximum stopping power to your vehicle. The brake components that are routinely checked during a service appointment include:

To be certain your vehicle’s braking system is able to respond the second you hit the brake, your vehicle must be regularly maintained by a competent and trustworthy company, such as The Auto Repair Place in Boulder. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today at 303-433-7088 to discover why we’ve been in business for 40 years and why AAA has listed The Auto Repair Place as an approved auto repair center.