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Battery Replacement

A vehicle’s battery is the source of its power to start. It provides electrical current to the starter and engine and serves as a power storage unit with the alternator being responsible for the recharging of the battery.

Oftentimes, a car owner does not keep up with maintenance appointments that allow a technician to inspect the battery terminals for corrosion, cables ends for replacement and its current performance level to determine whether it’s time for a battery replacement. At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, we don’t want you to suddenly find yourself without transportation because your car’s battery failed.

car battery replacement

When you bring in your vehicle for a maintenance appointment or because you had to jump your car without an obvious reason for the power drain, our ASE certified technicians will visually inspect and test your battery to determine if the battery needs to be replaced. Also, the alternator, starter and charging system will be examined. If the battery is not performing within specifications, it will be replaced and the system will be charged. Any other parts that require repair or replacement will be effectively addressed so you can turn the key with confidence.

If you should you find yourself stuck with a vehicle that will not start, you can contact the friendly staff of The Auto Repair Place to arrange for a tow truck to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to our facility. We also have after hours drop-off for your convenience, because we understand that vehicles tend to break down when you least expect it in the early morning hours or late in the evening when other shops are closed.

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The Auto Repair Place in Boulder employs a highly experienced and thoroughly trained team of automotive specialists prepared to return your vehicle to perfect running condition and complete preventive maintenance so you can avoid minor issues growing into costly problems. All of our services are expertly performed with the use of technologically advanced automotive equipment to ensure your vehicle is repaired to today’s standards and in a timely manner. To schedule an appointment, contact The Auto Repair Place by calling 303-443-7088. Become one of our valued clients today!