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Automotive Computer Systems

Since 1972, The Auto Repair Place in Boulder has serviced every make and model car and awed at the innovative features manufacturers built into their cars. Yet, no one feature has been as impressive as the automotive computer system. The computer systems of today’s cars are becoming more complex with every passing year. From detecting low tire pressure to gauging emission levels, there are multiple, specialized computers contained in a modern vehicle that communicates with one another and control  many functions and processes of a vehicle based on information gathered from sensors.

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Sensors allow the computers to assess the current state and performance level of a specific component or system in the vehicle, such as whether the car door is open, closed or locked. If a computer detects an adjustment needs to be made in its “zone,” such as with idle speed, it attempts to complete the task instantaneously. If a problem cannot be corrected, the computer stores a fault code that can be retrieved by an experienced automotive diagnostic technician and/or turns on a dashboard warning light to alert the operator that servicing is needed. While each computer is assigned to a specific set of duties and components, all of the computers are networked together so that each computer sends out readings to the other computers. The collected information may then be utilized by the receiving computer to carry out its job more effectively.

At The Auto Repair Place in Boulder, our ASE certified technicians employ meticulous visual inspections and utilize advanced technology to diagnose malfunctions and perform services based on stored fault codes obtained from the vehicle’s computer system. In some cases, our expert diagnostics team may discover that a faulty sensor is the source of the failure. However, computer systems can be complex and involve more complicated diagnosis and repairs.

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