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Approved Auto Repair (AAR) Mechanic

The Auto Repair Place is an Approved Auto Repair (AAR) Mechanic, but what does that even mean? There are thousands of mechanics who could fix your car, truck or SUV, but how do you know which one is high quality? Before the AAR came about in 1972, there were no set standards for mechanics to adhere to—it was a free for all and going to a mechanic was a hit or miss proposition. Because of that, American Automobile Association (AAA) created a program for their members that pre-screens mechanics to ensure the utmost integrity. The AAR label has raised the standards for mechanics all over the United States and Canada.

What does it take to become an AAR Mechanic?

AAR mechanics need to sign agreements with the AAA to provide high quality repairs that will be performed by ASE certified or manufacturer certified technicians. Mechanics need to work in the field for 2 years and take a series of certifications before they can claim ASE status. In other words, you have to have hands-on experience that falls in line with the exams you take; this combination of knowledge and application is what sets an AAR mechanic apart from one who doesn’t follow the same standards.

As an AAR mechanic, The Auto Repair Place has to perform repairs and provide services that fall in line with industry standards, but e take great pride in providing service that goes above and beyond these standards! Any mechanic can adhere to the minimum, but we believe in raising the bar, which means you’ll get the best quality repairs in Boulder County.

How long have the AAR standards been around?

AAR repairs have been available to AAA members since 1975, which is just a few years after The Auto Repair Place was founded in 1972. Our combination of experience and an ongoing desire to raise the bar is what sets us apart from any other mechanic you go to. There are currently 5,500 AAA Approved Repair Facilities in the United States and Canada, which unfortunately means that there are far more unqualified locations you might come across.

How long can a mechanic claim AAR Status?

When signing up as an AAR mechanic, the AAA screens the facility for honesty, fair pricing, reliability, cleanliness and training of staff. If there is a dispute regarding any of the repairs performed, the AAA will assist any members in resolving it. As an AAR mechanic, the quality of work gets better over time as we are expected to keep our shop in line with what the AAA believes is the best environment to do repairs.

What kind of repairs does an AAR mechanic perform?

Each AAR mechanic, at the very least, must provide the most basic repairs designated by AAA. Transmission, air conditioning or internal engine repairs are completely optional. The AAR network is made up of mechanics of all sizes including new car dealers, independent repair facilities, national repair facilities and some NAPA AutoCare facilities.

If you need a repair done or have any questions about what an AAR mechanic can do, please feel free to give us a call!